Greenfinger Baby Diaper Lotion Band Type Medium Size 4~6 Months

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Greenfinger diaper

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Greenfinger Baby Diaper Lotion band type Step-3  Medium 4~6 Month (7~11Kg) - 132 Sheets

Diaper for 24-hour use

- Make your baby’s skin softer and healthier with the inner cover processed with panthenol lotion

Strengthen the skin barrier while caring for delicate baby skin  with Panthenol, Thin, soft, and comfortable

- Multi-layer leakage prevention structure, Cute animal characters designs

- A band-type baby diaper with a soft magic band for the waist and leg band that does not tighten the skin or cause irritation. Covered with Panthedin Lotion that provides a thorough protection for baby’s sensitive skin. 

How to Use

Step 1: Prepare the diaper and wipe the baby’s buttocks with a wet wipe. 

Step 2: Place the baby’s hips in the center of the diaper, and then cover the front of the diaper to the baby’s waist.

Step 3: Attach the magic tape on both sides to fit with the baby’s size.

Step 4: Put your hand between the baby’s crotch and set up a stool band.


Manufacturing date: See on product 

Product type: Baby band type diapers

Quantity per piece: 132 sheets

Quantity: 1 pack

Gender: Unisex

Weight: 3730g

Box size: 415 x 116 x 238

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