Is your skin shiny on the outside but dry inside? In Korean it call "soobuji" for oily skin that lacks moisture. Because of the feeling of pulling after washing If you choose heavy skincare products, It is a type that is apt to overflow with oil and sebum. In today’s Yuhan-Kimberly post, Recharge the skin with moisture I will introduce a product that has a refreshing finish. "TN AC control line" is perfect for the sub-type.
▲ TN Lotion & Toner AC Control Line
The name “TN” is “TRUE,” which means calm, It is taken from nature "NATURE". Keeping pace with the time and speed of nature It means to find true beauty. Recorded cumulative sales of 1.3 million bottles The renewed AC control line This belief is intact. The package paper is made of 100% sugarcane, The text was printed in soybean oil.
Ingredients derived from nature It penetrates the skin without irritation and provides vitality. Eoseongcho (Yakmomil), one of the main ingredients Helps to soothe the skin, Centella asiatica extract (tiger grass) It has the effect of alleviating troubles. The cool scented chamomile It plays a role in soothing skin heated by ultraviolet rays and fine dust.
After cleansing, the skin mentioned above Prescribe urgently with toner! AC Control Cleansing Toner Turning on the outside and not greasy It seeps through. It is a water-type lightweight formulation, As soon as you apply it on your face, You will feel it absorbed. If it’s unfortunate that even a drop is flowing, Moisten it with a cotton ball and rub it lightly. Fine dead skin cells are trimmed Your skin will be softer.
Don't be vigilant about the smooth skin surface! So that the moisture filled inside doesn’t run away It's time to cover the AC Control Moisture Lotion. It is soft with full moisture, It is neatly finished, so there is no burden. The hand type can miss Balance oil and moisture properly It strengthens the skin barrier.
Above all, it's not sticky or slippery No worries even in high humidity summer! On the face and hands before going out or before bedtime Apply AC Control Moisture Lotion lightly. The fresh scent that follows all day It will make you feel fresh.
The condition of the skin collapsed in the fickle weather, Take it of course and don't neglect it. When the seasons come after summer is over Your skin will recover more slowly. My skin that suffered this summer, Make sure to manage it with the AC control line.