Purpose of collecting customer information

To use the services of pick-market.com, you must register an account and provide some information such as full name, phone number, address, and some other information. This part of the registration process is intended to help us determine the correct billing and delivery for the recipient. You can choose not to provide us with certain information (email, other phone numbers), but then you will not be able to enjoy some of the benefits our features offer.

We also store any information you enter on the website or send it to Pick-market.com. Such information will be used to respond to customer requests, giving suitable suggestions for each customer when shopping at Pick-market.com, delivering to the customer's address, improving quality goods service, and contact you when needed.

b) Scope of information use

The purpose of collecting information is to build Pick-market.com into an e-commerce website for sales that bring the most benefits to customers. Therefore, using the information will serve the following activities:

Delivery to the address you ordered on the website

Provide product-related information

Improve customer service quality of Pick-market.com

Solve problems that arise related to using the product

c) Time of information storage

Customer information will be stored for 2 years unless otherwise requested by government agencies. All information we undertake to be completely confidential, only used within the scope stated in item b.

d) Persons or organizations that may have access to confidential information

Departments of pick market related to support and implementation of invoicing for customers.

In case of legal requirements: We are responsible for cooperating with the provision of customer personal information upon request from judicial authorities.

e) Address of unit collecting and managing information

  • COMPANY NAME : Pick sg

  • Phone : +82 02 582 9366

  • Email : nunomis@naver.com

  • Address : 6 EU Tong Sen #11-10 The Central Singapore

f) Methods and tools for consumers to access and edit data

Customers have the right to check, update, adjust, or cancel their personal information by themselves by contacting the website administrator (specifically, the owner of Pick market business) to do this.

The customer has the right to submit a complaint about information security content to contact the website's administrator. When receiving these responses, we will reconfirm the information, in case it is exactly as reflected by the member depending on the level, we will take measures to handle it promptly.

g) Mechanism for receiving and resolving consumer complaints

When detecting that their personal information is used for the wrong purpose or scope, users have the right to email complaints to pick@Philiagroup.com with information and evidence related to this. We are committed to responding immediately within 48 hours to agree on a solution with users.

- Dispute and complaint resolution process:

+ All names arising between pick market and customers will be resolved based on negotiation. In case the desired agreement is not reached, either party has the right to bring the case to the competent People's Court for settlement.

+ When it is impossible to resolve through negotiation and mediation as above, the aggrieved party gathers evidence such as email, message ... and contacted with pick market, we will contact the complainant again to handle.

+ If the case is beyond its competence, the pick market Business Household will request to transfer the case to the competent authorities. In this case, the pick market still coordinates support to best protect the affected party.

Below is the specific dispute resolution and complaint process:

When a dispute or complaint arises, the affected party will first contact the other party to complain, discuss, and find a method of self-resolution based on negotiation and mediation.

Pick-market.com is responsible for receiving complaints and assisting customers related to transactions on the Website. When a dispute arises, Pick-market.com promotes a negotiation and mediation solution between parties to maintain customers' trust in our quality and follow these steps:

Step 1: Customers complain about goods via email: nunomis@naver.com, customers can report directly to the management board.

Step 2: Pick-market.com will receive customer complaints, depending on the nature and severity of the complaint, the Website will have specific measures to assist customers to resolve.

Step 3: In the field beyond the capabilities and authority of the Website, the administrator will ask the buyer to bring this case to the competent state agency.

  • COMPANY NAME : Pick sg

  • Phone : +82 02 582 9366

  • Email : nunomis@naver.com

  • Address : Address : 6 EU Tong Sen #11-10 The Central Singapore