10 step skin care from Korea all girls must know

"Layering skincare" - 10 steps of elaborate skincare of Koreans - a method that causes fever for the beauty community in Asia. But to understand and correctly understand this method, not everyone knows. Today, Pick Market will help you learn the details as well as the principles of this method so that all women can have beautiful, flawless skin.

A country is famous for its skin that lives on with time. The Kim Chi sisters think that: "Beautiful skin without makeup is also beautiful!". So they invest a lot of time and money into skincare. The rule of "layering skincare" - layered skincare to ensure the skin has enough nutrients and moisture, apply in order from thin to thick. This keeps the skin hydrated and solves all skin problems such as acne, darkening, melasma...creating conditions for products to absorb better.

1. Remove Makeup

Using makeup remover oil/water, massage in circular motions to remove makeup and dirt from your face.

2. Cleansing

Products with a pH <7 should be used to prevent skin from being worn, apply the 2-2-4 rule (2 minutes of makeup removal, 2 minutes of cleansing, and 4 minutes of water) to make the skin clean and help the substances absorb better later steps.

3. Exfoliator

1-2 times/week to remove dead skin layer, smooth skin, the essence is maximized. Without exfoliating, the money and effort you put into nourishing your skin will be in vain.

4. Toner / Lotion

Spray a mist on your face or pour into a cotton pad to gently apply, promoting non-alcoholic and natural products. This step helps the skin to be deeply cleansed, pH balance, moisturizes, and facilitates the maximum benefits of nutrients.

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5. Sheet Mask

Korea is famous for being the cradle of paper masks, with a variety of uses from the water supply, moisture, nutrients to exfoliation, removal, peeling blackheads … Just spend 2-3 times a week Apply a paper mask and relax for 15-20 minutes, you will see facial skin become visibly smooth.

6. Eye-Cream

The eye area is sensitive and shows signs of aging. Choosing the right product for the skin so that blemishes and aging don't "visit". Use your little finger to dot the cream combined with gentle massage.

7. Serum / Essence / Ampoule

This is the key to flawless beautiful skin, creating a clear turning point right from the first use. Use your hands to pat the skin to absorb the essences to help fight the signs of aging.

8. Treatment

Use special treatment products for areas with serious problems: acne, freckles, dark spots...After this step, you should rest for 15-30 minutes to balance the natural pH.

9. Emulsion / Cream

Apply a sufficient amount of cream to the face to lock "Moisture" to the skin to prevent the essence used before "evaporating".

10. Sleeping Mask/ Pack

Apply a thin layer to your face and rinse off and the next morning, this will brighten your skin and stay hydrated throughout the night, regenerating the skin in the fastest way.

However, if you do not understand the order and principles in this method, your skin will be noticeably worse. It is important to understand that this method is suitable for naturally dry Korean skin. Their products are often quite excess moisture, baby pores also help their skin absorb nutrients faster. While adhering to the 10 steps in skincare is good, sometimes you will have to carefully take care of your skin to suit the climate and weather where you living. just knowing your skin to choose the right product will save you a lot of time, effort, and money do not choose the expensive and famous products. Absolutely do not leave makeup overnight, always remove make-up and wash your face thoroughly before performing steps. Use only a sufficient amount of products, apply a thin layer, each step is 3-5 minutes apart to prevent skin from blistering and optimize skin care. One most important thing to comply with during the day is to apply sunscreen, 20 minutes before hang out.

Finally, the girls can choose the right products to soon own flawless skin according to the 10-step method of Korean skin care procedures.

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