The mystery of Singapore's lucky one-dollar coin

It has been more than 30 years since Singapore completed the modern MRT system, but anecdotes surrounding arduous construction persist. In it, many believe that the octagonal Singapore dollar coin, issued under Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, is a fengshui charm that helps eliminate bad luck in the subway construction process.

In 1967, the Singapore Government planned to develop the national infrastructure. However, with its small area, Singapore was unable to build more roads and public bus-only transport systems were predicted to fail in 1992.

 singapore subway

           Subway stations in Singapore welcome about 2 million trips per day.  Photo: Strait Times.

So the idea of ​​the subway system was born in 1967 when Singapore was just entering its second year of independence. The estimated cost of building the MRT at $ 5 billion is considered expensive, possibly dragging back the country's economy. Even so, many people believe that the process of making the underground road can break the artery and damage the nation's airship.

In 1982, although the construction plan for the subway system was approved and implemented, the construction process still met many difficulties.

The coincidence of an octagonal, octagonal Singapore dollar coin in Chinese fengshui was released in 1987, leading many people to believe that it is a fengshui charm. Meanwhile, the first part of the MRT system went into operation the following year.

Many stories are woven around this coin. Among them, the most famous is the story of the monk who advised every person on this island to bring a bowl of eight monsters to neutralize fengshui.

At this time, the proposed option was to issue an octagonal Singapore dollar coin to facilitate the monk's advice. However, Singapore's late Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, while still alive, denied these stories.

Currently, a single Singapore dollar coin is still considered a lucky coin, an amulet for the people of the lion island nation. The fengshui element in the money is believed to bring wealth and prosperity to the nation. When visiting the island nation of Singapore, visitors will see souvenirs as a bowl of money.

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