Need to equip knowledge of using sanitary pads properly

According to doctors, although the use of patchy sanitary pads is not harmful, women should also have a good grasp of some basic knowledge about how to use sanitary pads properly. Women should change sanitary pads regularly (about 4 hours/time) to keep it dry and clean. Women with sensitive skin and not having too many periods can use sanitary pads with a soft cotton surface, while women who have more menstrual periods and need good absorbency can use sanitary pads with a mesh surface...

whether it is cotton or mesh, should not be used for too long. Super absorbent is only absorbent immediately, but the menstrual blood is still in the dressing, for a long time wet will cause bacteria and can cause inflammation for the user.

Misunderstanding is not worth it

According to research in the above article, when translating from foreign documents, two different types of tampons were confused, namely tampons or tampons (also known as chopsticks, tube) and tampons pads (Pads). Due to the lack of technical terminology, the author of the article translated "Tampon" (tubular) as "super absorbent tampon". This tampon is shaped like a small fingertip, when used, women must insert it deep into the vagina (Tampon has a piece of string to be able to withdraw and adjust). Tampons are not popular in Vietnam and are mainly used in the US and European countries.

Toxic shock syndrome often occurs with tampons. Meanwhile, the piece sanitary pads is being used a lot in singapore with 2 main types: super absorbent (mesh-shaped surface, good absorbency, suitable for girls with high menstrual volume) and cotton face type ( cotton surface is soft but not absorbent as well as mesh). These tampons, when used only need to stick to the bottom of the underwear, they are in contact with the outside of the vagina, so there is no chance that the sanitary pads can "suck fluid inside the vagina, dry the vagina".

Director of the Center for Maternal and Child Health Protection and Family Planning said, “After this article was published, many girls worriedly called me to ask questions. Someone even asked, “If the pads is super absorbent, then using regular underwear will probably also suck up vaginal discharge. So you should make your underwear wet so you don't get sick? " This is a consequential misinterpretation of the article, and I had to explain to them that keeping the genital area clean is essential.

Is sanitary napkin/pads the cause of toxic shock syndrome?

Recently, there was information on a health care website that using super-absorbent tampons can cause toxic shock syndrome. This information is confusing for girls. However, doctors have confirmed that this is only professionally misleading information.

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