Best Korean Pads Every girl Must Know


1.Goodfeel Ultraslim Sanitary Pads [Small / Medium / Large size]

 Goodfeel is one of the most famous Sanitary brands in Korea. The first product line Pick Market want to introduce to you is the Goodfeel ultraslim sanitary pads line. It has a natural cotton cover made with 100% pure cotton from the United States, which keeps skin soft and powdery. Benefit from its air-fit cushion made with soft pure cotton and Recommended for those looking for a sanitary pad without the heavy, unpleasant feel and for those looking for a perfect-fit sanitary pad. 


 Ultraslim Medium size              Ultraslim large size               Ultraslim small size 


2. Goodfeel Cotton Ultraslim Sanitary Pads [Medium / Large]

with 100% organic pure cover help your skin more comfortable with the new natural air cushion. Recommended for those looking for a less irritating sanitary pad and for those looking for a comfortable sanitary pad.



Cotton Ultraslim Medium        Cotton Ultraslim Large



3. Goodfeel Overnight Sanitary Pant [Medium / Large]

The last product line that Pick Market want to introduce is the Overnight Pant line of diapers for night. A sanitary pad made with a patented flexible fabric that perfectly fits the curves of your body. Recommended for those who want to get deep sleep without worrying about leakage and for those who no longer want to worry about washing their bed sheets or underwear with period stains


Overnight Pant Medium           Overnight Pant Large

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