Top 2 best organic baby cream

Baby skin is fragile and sensitive. However, this is also the period when parents have many misunderstandings about their child's skin and one of the comments is "should not use baby cream " because the baby's skin is already soft enough. This is not the true mother. Let Pick Market share to you the 2 most popular baby's cream lines recommend by millions Korean moms.


1. Greenfinger Panthedin eczema treated insensitive baby cream

Special line of baby skin care products completely made from nature. Officially imported by Pick Market 100% from Korea. The Panthedin product line not only helps to moisturize your baby's skin extremely well, but also creates a barrier to protect your baby's skin against the harmful effects of the environment. A special use of Panthedin is to help your baby's skin avoid diaper rash, and skin diseases..


2. Greenfinger 100% Natural Made baby cream

 The solution of three types of young French herb leaves carefully selected only young leaves similar to baby’s skin

Strengthen moisturizing power and skin barrier for the sensitive and tender skin of the baby
Deliver the good properties of nature in their original form to the baby’s skin
A protector of baby’s moisture for 48 hours




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