Make your baby's skin healthy with Greenfinger Panthedin!

                     The weather gets colder, and in winter, the baby’s skin

I'm worried that it dries faster.
Healthy dry baby skin
To make it, skin care is really important.
Because baby skin has a higher absorption rate than adults
The key is what skin care you choose.
Baby skin is not sensitive
I wish I had strong skin
Green Finger Panthedin, created with the hearts of parents,
Let me introduce you right now!

Strengthening the skin barrier that enhances the skin's natural strength

Skin with a weak skin barrier can easily evaporate moisture.
Green Finger Panthedin is excellent for strengthening the skin's natural barrier function.
Panthenol, ceramide, evening primrose oil (gamma linolenic acid)
Contains complex ingredients
It strengthens the strength of the baby's delicate skin!
Strengthening the skin barrier The 3 Musketeers strengthen the keratinocytes and lipid membranes of the skin.
It cares healthily and effectively absorbs high-efficiency ingredients.
To strengthen the natural skin barrier
It can be called a triple comprehensive care complex.

Relieves skin itchiness caused by dryness with triple high moisturizing 

If you have strengthened the skin barrier,
You need to supply enough moisture to your skin, right?
The Panthedin fills the skin with moisture
Triple hyaluronic acid that lasts for a long time
It draws moisture into the skin cells and doesn't miss it.
closely! A plant-derived ingredient that holds
Contains a saccharide complex.
In addition, it has a high skin affinity with an ingredient similar to human sebum,
Active ingredients in the skin with excellent absorption of small particles.
It also contains vegetable squalene that delivers effectively
You can feel the enhanced moisturizing power.
And soothes the skin from external stimuli
 It contains vitamin B12. 
Helps relieve and soothe skin itchiness.

Fresh and Soft GreenFinger Panthedin Lotion

All Greenfinger Panthedin
Germany's prestigious  private dermatological research institute
Derma Test's skin irritation test
It has acquired an excellent rating. 
Also for moisturizing products
Completed the skin barrier strengthening clinical test,
I took care of the safety of the product meticulously,
7 parabens and allergy-causing scents,
No tar coloring, etc. added
It can be used with confidence even for babies.

Among them, Panthedin Lotion is a milk-type emulsion formulation.
It is a fresh and soft, highly moisturizing derma lotion.
It has good spread-ability so it soaks in quickly
Only a refreshing softness remains on the skin.
And the skin-friendly formula
It is effectively absorbed into the delicate skin
Moisturizes for 24 hours,
Helps relieve itchiness caused by dryness . 

Highly Concentrated Green Finger Panthedin Cream

Moisture and nourish baby skin
If you want to supply intensively
Try GreenFinger Panthedin Cream.
Panthedin Cream is thicker and has excellent application properties.
Dry skin with butter cream formulation
It is a nutritious & moisture cream that protects.
Skin areas that need intensive care
When used in dry seasons and winter
Helps strengthen skin barrier and moisturize
It is a derma cream that applies gently and absorbs quickly. 
The first skin care for babies
You must carefully select ingredients and functions carefully.
Good judgment for my child,
With Panthedin, you'll be strong from the start
You will be able to strengthen your baby's skin!

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