How to shampoo hair for babies under 1 year old

Children from 1 year old and under

Place the baby's head neatly in one of your hands, the baby's back resting on the inside arm, so that the baby's legs are relatively fixed in your lap. The other hand is slightly facing up, forming a spoon-like shape and gently "splashing" the water in the basin into the hand to wet the baby's head. After washing your hair, wrap your baby in a towel, place your baby on your closed thighs, and then use another towel to gently dry the baby's hair.

Baby over 1-year-old

First, you get your baby's head. If your baby is not stable enough to actively bow towards the basin, you should still let your baby lie on his back on his lap, one arm stretched out to support the baby's head towards the basin, pour shampoo into the hand This and use the other hand to gently massage, combine head massage for the baby if needed. Rinse with clean water to wash off all the shampoo on your baby's head. Then, you use a towel to dry your baby's hair.

Things to note when washing baby's hair

For children especially afraid of water, if they are not smart, it will be easy for water or shampoo to splash into their eyes and ears, causing discomfort and damage. So, while washing hair, you can let your baby hold a certain toy to distract attention, reduce psychological stress and fear.

No matter how old your baby is, don't forget to give them emotional comfort when you wash your hair. Try to bring the baby's body close to your lap, the intimate contact will both increase the baby's affection and trust level with the mother, while helping the baby's head tilt a little, you will easily manipulate more cooperation. During the process of washing hair, mothers should talk and comfort the baby, this increases the sense of safety for the baby, reduces fear and crying.

For too young children, it is best to combine bathing and washing hair at the same time for the baby. On the one hand, washing your hair will cause a lot of trouble for parents; on the other hand, when playing with the bathwater, washing the baby's hair is even more enjoyable.

The temperature of the baby's shampoo should not be too low or too high, causing discomfort, making it even more "resisting" to wash hair. The ideal temperature should be at 37oC - 38oC, on a cold day it can be 3oC - 5oC higher than a hot day. In addition, the amount of water "sprayed" should not be too much because strong stimulation will make the baby more afraid, if you use the shower to wash your baby's hair, you should adjust the level of water gently.

Should choose baby shampoo products, with mild ingredients, safe, do not irritate skin and eyes. Make sure you wash off the shampoo from your baby's hair, or else the “remains” left behind can upset your baby's head and cause unwanted effects.

Summer should wash your baby's hair with a frequency of 1-2 days/time, less winter, about 3-4 days/time. In addition, you should be based on the specific condition of each baby that you wash your hair accordingly, you can wash every other day, but it is best not to use shampoo every time and should not wash your baby more than 3 times/week.

How old a girl is suitable for long hair

For babies who are too young, their scalp is still very young, the fact that you keep your baby's hair long and often "set", "tie" in all kinds will easily cause damage to the scalp. Health experts recommend that even if you want your baby to be always pretty and cute, you should still wait until the baby is about 3 years old, let him have long hair.

In addition, if you are 4 years old and the baby's hair is still at least, especially the hair on the forehead is sparse, or even hair is not growing, you should not let the baby have long hair. Short hairstyles close to the ears are more appropriate because it makes the baby comfortable and does not affect the scalp or hair.

At the same time, if you find that your baby's hair has an abnormal condition such as too little or too much hair loss, you should see the doctor for timely diagnosis and treatment, while the baby has long hair, wait after the problem. has been improved, the baby's hair grows a lot and becomes strong again.

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