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How to choose good diapers for babies for mothers

Diapers are items that every newborn needs and mothers must prepare for them as soon as they are born. Therefore, mothers should learn about the structure of diapers so that they can know how to choose a good diaper for their baby. On the market today, there are many types of diapers, so choose which diaper is both good for your baby and has a reasonable price. Pick market will guide you on how to choose good diapers for babies, mothers  for reference!

Diapers is an essential items for babies. Your baby will use diapers and diapers until 2 or 3 years old. Therefore, the amount of "family budget" for this type of item is extremely large. So how to use it sparingly and reasonably while ensuring the health of your baby? Check out the tips here!

Diapers for Newborn babies
  • During the first 3 days after birth, your baby will pass black meconium. This amount of stool is not much, so only use diapers or poop liners that are closed in diapers and then worn for the baby.
  • Until 1-2 months of age, infants often defecate several times a day, an average of 8-10 times, the amount of soft. Mothers can completely use the number 1 or 2 diapers suitable for their weight. However, if you want your baby to have a good and comfortable sleep, you can also put diapers on your baby at night. Children 1-2 months old often use diapers under 5kg size.

Children 3 months and older

  • At this time, the child has less and less bowel movements, on average 2-3 times a day, the amount of stool is high. You can let your baby use diapers completely. However, do not rush to buy too many diapers at once until you are sure of the weight and type of diaper that is best for your baby because each baby has a different shape and size.

How to choose diapers for babies

  • Diaper manufacturers now offer many different models to suit each gender and age, such as diapers for boys, girls, newborns, crawling and toddlers. … Each stage and different gender of the child, the amount of absorbent will be placed thicker at a certain location. For girls, the diaper will be more absorbent in the back or as with boys, they will often pee and thicken the front of the diaper.

  • In addition, with each different age, the shape and type of diaper for babies will also change. For babies, diapers are often used with two side stickers. When your baby is able to crawl, these two straps are usually made tighter and stronger. For toddlers, mothers can let them use diapers to prevent movement and slippage.

  • All these things you should pay attention to when choosing to prevent spills and help your baby be most comfortable when wearing diapers.

Diapers are composed of 3 layers

  • The innermost layer: This layer is in direct contact with the baby's skin surface, so the requirements for materials and safety, non-toxicity are put on top. Please pay attention to check the surface and material of the diaper carefully because this is also the only layer we can touch directly.

  • Absorbent layer: In theory, this absorbent layer will consist of thick layers of cotton so that when the liquid spills down, it will absorb it. However, when your baby pees or has a bowel movement a lot, the fluid is usually thick and seeps back up into the baby's skin. As a result, most diaper manufacturers today use an absorbent polymer called Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) to soak and hold liquids in. That is also the reason when changing the diaper, the mother will see the diaper thicken and when touching, you will feel the soft grit.

  • Waterproof layer: Most diapers today have a waterproof layer on the outermost shell. This layer is usually made of specific materials from plastics.

Instructions on how to choose good diapers for babies for mothers part 2

General structure of diapers

How often do you need to change diapers?

  • A diaper can withstand 1-3 pees, and a diaper is 4-5 times. If your baby only pees, you can use diapers within 2-3 hours and diapers will be changed every 4-5 hours. However, if the baby has a bowel movement, the mother should pay attention to change it immediately. So on average, a baby will use about 6-7 diapers or 5-6 diapers a day.

  • A saving tip for moms: You should use a combination of both diapers and diapers. When you see your baby has finished defecation, we can alternate diapers for the baby. This makes the baby feel more comfortable and cool, while helping the mother save a large amount of money in the family.

Experience when making diapers for children

  • Does wearing diapers make baby's legs bow? Is it not good for boys to wear diapers?… are the questions of mothers when making diapers for their children.

Is diapering for boys different with girls?

  • For boys, when closing the diaper, pay attention to the baby's bird, must bend down so that the diaper can absorb the urine. In addition, the diaphragm on both sides must be carefully pulled out so as not to spill urine when the baby urinates.

  • Boys tend to get wet in the front of the diaper, so you need to choose a diaper with an extra lining in the front. In addition, because boys often urinate when changing diapers, so another layer of thin cloth diapers can be applied to the baby's genitals and cleaned as soon as it is discovered that it is wet.

  • Girls often get wet in the middle or back of the diaper when lying down, so if you choose a diaper, you need to choose a type with a thickness design that focuses on where the baby can urinate the most, or can choose pants with ruffles so that we can put cloth diapers inside

  • In order for your baby to be comfortable when wearing a diaper, choosing the right diaper is very important. When buying diapers, you should choose a type with a fabric bottom membrane, not too thick, which will be more suitable for the baby's sensitive skin, especially the thigh area where it comes into contact with the bottom of the diaper. The two sides of the diaper's spill-proof walls, if designed to be soft, will not cause marks on the thighs, making the baby feel more comfortable.

  • In addition, mothers should pay special attention not to choose diapers that contain plastic and polyester inside the part that comes into contact with the baby's skin. The size of the diaper is appropriate for each age so that the diaper does not compress the skin of the baby's thighs and belly.

Do diapers make baby's legs bow?

choose the good diapers for babies

  • Mothers should remember, diapering does not make the baby's legs bow. Avoiding children with rickets is one of the causes of bow legs.

Wearing diapers is not good for the development of testicles?

  • An American investigation said that the type of baby diaper due to its airtightness, is tight to the baby's body, easily causing the local temperature to rise, while the most suitable temperature for male testicles is about 34 degrees Celsius. When the temperature rises to 37 degrees Celsius and so long, it will affect the testicles in sperm production later.

  • Therefore, mothers should pay attention to limit the use of diapers for children. In cases where it is necessary to use it, it is advisable to change diapers often and should not force the child to wear diapers all day.

  • The nighttime diapering is the choice of most mothers. However, you can choose for yourself another form if you are worried that diapering your baby in the summer is too hot.

How to close a diaper so that the baby is comfortable

  • Do not tightly wrap diapers as well as wear too thick pants is one of the experiences in taking care of your baby's sleep, so wearing a diaper helps your baby sleep better, to avoid feeling wet as well as having to change diapers. wake up.

  • And remember, absolutely do not use a bandage to fasten your baby's diaper because it will be very dangerous when the child moves, kicks limbs, the needle pops out and stabs the baby.

Share experiences for mothers how to choose diapers for babies

tip to choose the good diapers for babies for mom

Please read the article and "check" to see if you have chosen the right diaper for your baby!

  • In young children, due to increased intestinal motility, the nervous system is not fully developed, and they do not know how to speak, so urination and defecation are completely automatic, staining clothes, floors, and even blankets. mats, mattress beds… very unhygienic.

  • Therefore, many parents have chosen the solution of making diapers for their children. In that good stretchy and tight diaper, neither the baby's feces nor urine can come out, but the adult can't know to change the baby as soon as the baby urinates or has a bowel movement. How does this affect the baby's health?

Harm of diapers

  • Young children often urinate often, so they have to go a few times, sometimes accompanied by a bowel movement before they can change their diapers. Thus, the waste products excreted by the body will stay in the diaper, bacteria will grow, causing local inflammation, or inflammation upstream to the urinary tract, especially girls, the urethra is short. make children itchy and uncomfortable.

  • In addition, if the child keeps excreting automatically in the diaper, the child will lose the reflex to call to notify the parent when it is time to go when he can talk.

So should diapers for children?

  • That said, it does not mean that diapers are completely removed from children's daily items. If used correctly, mothers can completely use diapers for their babies without harming their health. Currently, mothers have been given 6 months of maternity leave. During this time, the mother is always close to the child, but in this age, the child still urinates 15-20 times a day. The mother should give the baby loose and airy clothes, and at the same time use a soft cloth (bucket cloth), folded to a moderate thickness, and then put a lining for the child. When the child urinates or has a bowel movement, the mother should immediately change another pad to keep the child's hygiene.

  • After the first year, the frequency of urination is greatly reduced and it is possible to train children to urinate actively in a certain time (children from 13-30 months old, urinate 10-14 times/day). For boys, parents should estimate the time to urinate or when there are signs that the child is about to urinate, take a small plastic cup that will not seep out the lining.

  • However, when traveling on the road or late at night, the child is sleeping soundly, parents can put diapers on the child so that the baby's clothes are always dry and the child's sleep is good, but parents do not have to wake up to change diapers. Lining.

  • The older the child, the less he eats at night, the frequency of urination also decreases, and he can control his own excretory needs, parents should gradually teach their children the habit of not using diapers.

How to choose a diaper for your baby?

  1. Diapers with a fabric bottom membrane, not too thick, with two sides of soft anti-flow walls so as not to cause marks will be most suitable for children's sensitive skin.

  2. Do not choose diapers that have plastic and polyester inside in contact with the skin.

  3. Choose diapers that are the right size for your baby's weight.

  4. For girls, choose a diaper with a thickness concentrated in the middle or back.

  5. Diapers with extra lining in the front are suitable for boys.

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