Do you know how to wash a baby's hair yet?


When you first become a mother, you encounter a lot of confusion. You may not know how to wash a baby's hair so that the water does not get into his or her eyes, how to choose a baby shampoo so as not to dry his scalp.

Bathing your baby for the first time can be a little confusing when you don't know how to be both safe and clean. In this article, Pick Market will guide how to wash a baby's hair and how to choose the right baby shampoo to protect your baby's health and scalp.

When should mom wash the baby's hair?

Similar to baby bathing, shampooing should be done at a certain time. Bathe your baby before nap time or in the early afternoon when he wakes up in the afternoon.

Note that washing your baby's hair too often can take away the natural oils on your baby's scalp. This can cause the baby's scalp to become dry, more sensitive to health problems. Sometimes it is enough to just take a towel soaked in warm, clean water and wipe your child's head. If the hot weather makes your child sweat or you just take him out to play, you should wash your baby's hair to keep the hygiene.

Every mom must know how to shampoo for baby

One of the most important things mothers worrying about for the first time is how to wash their newborn baby's hair so that water doesn't get into the baby's eyes and during the process of washing the baby's hair, the baby will not slip. the baby cried violently. Follow the instructions below to make sure you bathe and wash your baby's hair properly and safely:

Before washing a baby's hair, what do mothers need to prepare?

Before shampoo for baby, mothers need to prepare a full range of items such as shower gel, cotton towels (2 pieces: 1 large, 1 small), water scoop, chair with a moderate height, clothes, and diapers. clean to replace your baby right after you bathe your baby. This will help you not waste time searching for items while bathing your baby.

Remove the jewelry you are wearing: rings, bracelets (with floating details that easily cause scratches), watches … because they can scratch your child's skin while you bathe or wash your baby.

In addition, you should regularly cut nails and file neatly to avoid scratching your baby's skin while caring for or playing with your baby. Make sure you bathe your baby in a clean, cool place without a direct draft. Therefore, mothers should turn off fans and air-conditioners before bathing and washing the baby's hair.

Proper water temperature for bathing and bathing: If you don't have a thermometer to measure your child's bath and shower water, dip your elbow in the bathwater to check the water temperature. Divide the bathwater into 2 basins for the convenience of bathing.

Spread a towel on the bed or floor, lay baby on a towel, take off baby's clothes/diapers. Next, you use a thin, small cotton towel around the baby's body. This not only keeps your baby from getting cold while washing his hair but also assists you in better holding your baby.

How to wash a baby's hair should be done?

After you have fully prepared the steps above, please:

  • You sit in a chair, holding your baby in a one-handed position to support his head and shoulders (ball-hugging pose), his buttocks resting on one side of your knee.
  • You apply water to the baby's head to wet his hair and scalp and then take a little shampoo and gently spread it all over his head.
  • If your baby resists washing her hair by crying, struggling, or fluttering, give him a bath toy or sing to him a song you still sing. This may in part help reduce your baby's attention to bathing.
  • To prevent water from getting into your baby's eyes, lower the arms that support the baby's head and shoulders slightly lower than his back and buttocks. For babies who are a little older (can sit or walk) and are afraid of tears in their eyes every time they wash their hair, you can buy a baby shampoo or a shampoo cap for your baby to use.

When washing your baby's hair, you need to keep in mind the following:

  • You should wash your baby's hair gently because the baby's scalp is quite thin. You should only use the meat at the fingertips to wash your baby's hair, avoid using your fingernails because it can scratch your child's scalp.
  • With newborn babies, the baby's horns are still quite soft, so you need to be careful when washing your baby's hair, absolutely do not press on the baby's suckle.
  • Don't let your baby's head stay wet for too long: You should wash your baby's hair quickly, then dry with a soft, clean cotton towel. This prevents the baby from getting a cold.
  • After washing your baby's hair, you should bathe your baby right away to avoid the baby soaking in water for too long.

How to wash babies hair when their hair is tangled

Washing a baby's hair can become a challenge for many people when they first become parents. Especially when your child's hair is too thin or too long, thick and tangled.

How to wash the hair for babies with thinning hair

If your baby has too little hair, you should only wash your baby 1-2 times a week. The reason is that washing your baby's hair too often can wash away the natural oils on the skin, making the scalp dry, easy to flake dandruff.

However, you still need to pay attention to keep your child's scalp clean. Therefore, on hot days, use a clean towel soaked in warm water to wipe your child's head.

How to wash a baby's hair when he or she has long, thick, and tangled hair

Washing a baby's hair that is too thick and long or has curly hair can become a challenge for first-time parents. The reason is that if you do not know how to properly wash your baby's hair, your baby's hair will become tangled.

The little tip that gives you the secret to shampooing babies with long, thick, or curly hair is that when you wash your baby's hair, you should avoid messing with your baby's hair too much. In addition, you should use a shampoo that works to keep hair shiny or shampoo with a baby conditioner to wash your child's hair. When you finish washing your hair, use a gentle absorbent towel to dry it, not wipe it.

Also, if your child's thick and long hair is constantly tangled, it makes it difficult to bathe and wash, you should consider cutting your child's hair.

How to wash a baby's hair when the baby does not like to wash their hair

Not all babies enjoy bathing, especially those who have had water, shower gel in their eyes. Therefore, if your baby is crying, struggling, or struggling to resist bathing and washing his hair, he is not alone.

In this case, you should distract your child by giving him a toy, massage him before bathing so that he or she feels comfortable and gets used to this hygiene.

In addition, you should:

  • Bathe and wash your baby for a certain period, as quickly as possible
  • If your baby is afraid of being splashed with water, soak a towel in water and gently wet his or her hair.

How to choose a shampoo for baby shower gel

You should only use baby shower gel or shampoo to bathe your baby, absolutely not use adult products. Choose mild, fragrance-free baby shower products with a pH ranging from 4.5-6.

In addition, you should choose shower gel, shampoo for babies from big reputable brands. The reason is that the products of these brands are carefully researched before being released to the market.

Frequently asked questions around shampooing babies

When should I start using baby shampoo?

Babies do not need to use shampoo to wash their hair unless their scalp has seborrheic dermatitis, known as " buffalo shit ". Under normal circumstances, you should only use shampoo when your baby is about 6-8 weeks old.

If my baby has too little hair or no hair, should I wash it?

Pregnancy hormones or genetic factors can cause your baby to be born with a "bald" head. However, your child's scalp still needs some care. Wash your baby's hair once a week with clean water. While washing your baby's hair, be careful not to let the water get into his or her eyes.

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