Do Not Forget Through The 6 Basic Cool Steps For Baby 5 Months Of Age

How to massage your 5-month-old baby is very important for your baby's physical development. For babies, massage movements need to be gentle and use moderate force. During the massage, mothers must always observe the baby's signs such as discomfort or comfort in order to have an appropriate adjustment response.

Before conducting baby massage, mothers should seek advice from pediatric health consultant. They will help check the baby's fitness and advise appropriate massage methods, and can detect if the mother is in a need of special health care.

Benefits of massage for 5 months old baby
  • Brain enhancementDuring the massage, the 5-month-old baby's nerve cells also develop. In particular, the baby's brain will develop quite quickly in the first years of life, so massage for the baby in this period will be very good for the baby's brain.
  • Immune boosterSome studies in babies about 10 weeks old show that babies who are regularly massaged are less likely to catch colds or diarrhea. The mother's gentle massage movements may stimulate the digestive system to work more effectively.
  • Produces a feeling of "happiness"When being massaged, your baby will also be able to reduce stress, help him fall asleep easily, for deeper sleep, which will also help him "be happier".
  • Connecting mother and babyMassage is a cord that helps connect mother and baby very effectively. From light touches to the body, the baby will feel the mother's love and care.
  • Reduce the feeling of "pain"During a massage, the body releases endorphins - the body's natural pain reliever. Therefore, gentle massage movements can help your baby ease the pain in many cases such as abdominal pain, flatulence, teething …
  • Stimulates baby developmentMany pediatricians have affirmed that skin-to-skin contact with mothers will give 5-month-old babies a chance to develop both mentally and physically.
Notes on massage for 5-month-old babies
Notes on massage for 5-month-old babies
  • The ideal time to massage your 5-month-old baby is after bathing. At that time, the baby is feeling very comfortable, so the mother can gently massage, while cooing, to help the baby relax and easily fall asleep.
  • You should only use the force of the tender flesh on your fingers, not the whole palm to massage your baby.
  • The baby's massage movements must be gentle and slow.
  • Mothers need to wash their hands thoroughly before massaging to keep them hygienic and avoid spreading bacteria to the baby.
  • It is advisable to remove all the jewelry that can scratch the baby before conducting the massage.
  • Do not use massage oil on the baby's face. To ensure safety, mothers should choose benign massage oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, sesame oil …

How to massage for 5-month-old baby

Foot massage:

  • One hand holds the baby's feet, using the other hand to gently stroke from thigh to ankle. Switch hands and repeat continuously like "milking".
  • Lift the baby's feet, use the tips of their thumbs to gently press the soles of the feet, then continue to swipe back from the heel to the toes.
  • Hold your baby's feet and show them your feet.
  • Place your hand on your baby's lap and gently rotate from thigh to ankle. Repeat movements like a play with your baby.
  • Raise baby's legs with both hands.
  • Repeat with the other leg.
Foot massage for baby

Abdominal massage:

Note that only massage the abdomen below the ribs:

  • Close your fingers and gently rub around your abdomen, creating clockwise circles. Avoid putting pressure on your baby's bladder.
  • Bend the baby's knees and bring them close to the abdomen, hold for 10 seconds, then stretch out the legs, gently shake the legs.
  • Repeat the above two steps in the order above.

Mothers can massage their baby's tummy with each diaper change  if the baby tends to experience colic or constipation more easily.

Abdominal massage for baby

Breast massage:

  • Use fingers to gently swipe from the middle of the chest to the armpits and shoulders. Repeatedly.
Breast massage for baby

Arm massage:

  • One hand holds the baby's arm, the other hand gently strokes from the shoulder to the wrist. Switch hands and repeat repeatedly like "milking".
  • Use your fingers to gently massage around the arm from the shoulder to the wrist.
  • Gently hold the baby's arm just: "This is the arm". Similarly, hold baby's hand and show your own.
  • Repeat with the other hand.
Arm massage for baby


Face massage:

  • Place your palms on the baby's cheeks, gently stroking the sides and up over the brow.
  • Use the tips of your fingers to gently press the baby's cheeks or rub a round.
  • Move your hand around the baby's ear area.
  • Put your hand in the baby's face and point: "This is my face".
Face massage for baby

Back massage:

  • Alternately use both hands to stroke the baby's spine, starting from the top of the head down to the toes.
  • Put your hands on the baby's back and point: "This is my back".
Back massage for baby


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