Best shampoo for baby this summer - Baby's sensitive skin, especially the scalp, always needs careful care, first of all, it is always clean and dry. Many mothers look to folkways of using leaves, but if they are not sterilized and cleaned, they accidentally add a "burden" to the child's already sensitive scalp. So which kind of shampoo for children is safe and best?

Scalp problems are common in young children

For young children, hair care seems to go unnoticed, but the hair and skin in the head area are always closely related. A healthy scalp will help children have healthy and beautiful hair in the future.

However, young children, especially babies in their infancy, often experience scalp problems that cause itchy, scaly patches and redness. These are the symptoms of seborrheic dermatitis, a skin dysfunction commonly found in the scalp area, or popularly known as the "buffalo shit" phenomenon.

Seborrheic dermatitis is not only unsightly but also makes children feel itchy, uncomfortable, if cared for and improperly cleaned will make those inflammatory areas more susceptible to infection, pain, and damage to the skin. the child's sensitivity.

The "buffalo shit" areas on the child's scalp appear often due to overactive sweat glands and because it is located in the head area (especially often in the dendritic area) that makes parents clean each time Children often avoid them because they are afraid of harming their children, or when they see the scalp starts to appear, parents use a lot of moisturizers or many parents still use their hands to handle those patches of skin, making it easier for children irritation causes pain, more flaking, leading to hair loss in that area.

Baby shampoo, safety is the number 1 criterion

Many parents still believe that for young children, especially babies, using shampoo is not necessary, just wash their hair with clean water or with folk leaves. First of all, it is important to know that for young children, even babies, daily activities such as leaning, kicking, and crying also make them sweat a lot, especially in the head area, daily hygiene is equal to Clean water for children is essential, but not enough because impurities cannot be removed. So, using shampoo for children or shampoo for babies is essential, the problem is how to choose shampoo.

There are many baby shampoos on the market, mostly imported or portable with ingredients advertised as safe, cleansing, and nourishing baby skin. These products are usually milky white or other eye-catching colors and combined with aromas such as strawberry, orange, apple, … to appeal to the mother, giving a sense of clean fragrance.

However, according to pediatric experts, any product intended for children, such as shampoos, must-have safety first. And a safe product, the less flavor, and color the better.

Meet all the stringent requirements for a sensitive skincare product for children, even babies just 1 day old, the 2nd pharmaceutical shampoo product in the European market, the shampoo. Greenfinger Mykids Baby Moisturizing Shampoo for children from 48 months old - has brought safety criteria for even the most sensitive skin into each of its products.



- The subtle green fruit fragrance enfolds children as it gently but thoroughly cleanses away the dirt and grime of outdoor activities from children’s tired hair and scalp.

- Richer moisture Natural ingredients sourced from verdant forests recharge your baby’s skin with long-lasting moisture.

- More luxuriant A profusion of bubbles makes bath time more fun, while mild and gentle ingredients clean your baby’s skin and maintain hydration. 

- Sweeter fragrance When children have been walking, running, and playing all day, sweet delicate green fruit scents cover the smell of perspiration

- Even gentler Peace of mind when caring for baby’s skin. 3 free (tar pigments, mineral oils, and petroleum), so you can use it with confidence


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