Best organic baby lotion

Baby skin is very sensitive because the skin is thin and prone to irritation. So if baby's skin is peeling or dry. So do you think your baby should use the moisturizer? This article will provide some basic information about 5 Best products natural made that not only safe for baby skin care.

1. Greenfinger Mykids Organic lotion 

Children spend more time outdoors than babies so their skin is more easily irritated. Calm and moisturize skin that is irritated after increased outdoor activity with the natural ingredients sourced from forests.

Richer moisture Natural ingredients sourced from verdant forests recharge your baby’s skin with long-lasting moisture.

More luxuriant A profusion of bubbles makes bath time more fun, while mild and gentle ingredients clean your baby’s skin and maintain hydration. 

Sweeter fragrance When children have been walking, running, and playing all day, sweet delicate green fruit scents cover the smell of perspiration

Even gentler Peace of mind when caring for baby’s skin. 3 free (tar pigments, mineral oils, and petroleum) so you can use it with confidence

 2. Greenfinger 100% Organic Lotion 

- Solution of three types of young French herb leaves, carefully selected only young leaves similar to baby’s skin

- Strengthen moisturizing power and skin barrier for the sensitive and tender skin of the baby

- Deliver the good properties of nature in their original form to baby’s skin, A protector of baby’s moisture for 48 hours

- A hypoallergenic baby lotion that keeps the skin moist continuously for 48 hours, with 3 Herb Complex and shea butter.  

3. Greenfinger Moisture ChokChok Organic Lotion  

- Greenfinger thought about the future of your child’s skin, and selected richly moisturizing natural emollients, to help your child’s skin to retain moisture for longer, giving your baby stronger, more hydrated skin! 

- A moist emulsion formulation that gently spreads and soaks in without stickiness and Delivers moisture into the deepest skin layer, Provides 24-hour moisturization


4. Greenfinger Panthedin Derma Organic lotion 

- Improves skin by strengthening the skin barrier

- Fills the inside of the skin with triple high moisturizing complex

- Relieves & soothes skin itching caused by dryness

Greenfinger Panthedin "Derma Protective Complex"

- Panthenol & Ceramide & Evening Primrose Oil: Strengthen the function of the skin barrier

- Triple Hyaluronic Acid & Squalene & Saccharide Isomerase: Maintain skin moisture with moisture magnet effect

- Vitamin B12: Protects skin from external irritation & soothes skin


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