7 Useful Tips For Healthy Baby Skin Care


Every time she presses her cheek against the baby's skin, every time she feels extremely loving. Not only because the baby is the mother's child, but also because of the baby's delicate, smooth, plump skin. But you know, the baby's skin is very sensitive. And can be itchy and allergic if improper skincare. Therefore, parents should be extremely careful about the baby's skin needs. Especially use natural products and do not contain any chemical additives that can harm your baby's skin. 

The reason to care for the baby's skin

  • Baby's skin is very thin, 30% thinner than adult skin
  • An infant's skin takes time to adjust to its new surroundings
  • Baby skin faces many "challenges": diapers, cleaning/skin care products
  • Baby skin is prone to allergies in the first few months
The reason to care for the baby's skin

Tips on skincare for your baby

Proper skincare can give your baby healthy skin. Parents, please refer to the following advice immediately. 

Bathing: Usually, mothers bathe their children every day. At that time, mothers remember to use hypoallergenic products for babies. When bathing, mothers should bathe their baby with warm water and baby cleaning products. For example, natural bath foam, essential oil shampoo, …

Mom, remember to choose safe products for your baby

When taking a shower, the room temperature should also be moderate, turn off the fan/air conditioner to keep the baby from getting cold. Most importantly, moms should also avoid trying any new products on baby's skin. Maybe at first, mothers try a little on the baby's skin to see if the baby is irritated by the product or not. Better yet, from the beginning, moms should choose cleaning products that have the following criteria:

  • Exclusively for babies and young children
  • Table safe, natural ingredients
  • Does not contain foaming agents, such as SLS, SLES, …
  • Does not contain preservatives, such as Paraben, MIT, … 
  • In addition, when bathing the baby, mothers should also use soft towels/bath pads to avoid scratching the baby's skin.
Tips on skincare for your baby

1. Powdered powder

Baby powder is also one of the most commonly used products for mothers. When buying, mothers should choose one designed specifically for babies. Avoid using scented powders and other chemicals as they can irritate your baby's sensitive skin.
In case the baby has a diaper rash or dermatitis, mothers should avoid voluntarily applying / sprinkling powder/leaves into the baby's skin. Instead, mothers should consult specialized products dedicated to the prevention and treatment of typhoid. At the same time, learn the cause of diaper rash to be able to prevent the best for your baby

2. Diaper

Diapers - an indispensable product for any baby, especially newborn babies. Therefore, to prevent diaper rash or other diaper-related skin problems, mothers choose the right diaper.
Choosing quality diapers, with ingredients that are safe for babies, is an effective method of preventing diaper rash and dermatitis.
The following 5 criteria mothers can refer to choose a quality diaper:
The ability to absorb and retain water is high to help prevent backwater penetration. The ingredients showing the diaper's absorbency are SAP particles. SAP seeds in diapers need to have a clear origin. Diapers containing poor quality SAP seeds not only make diapers so badly absorbent but also easily cause a rash or redness.
Hugging the body snugly, not being loose when the child moves to help prevent overflow
Diaper surface has air drainage channels for air circulation to help baby's skin always dry, don't sweat, and bring bacteria.
Diaper material is soft, does not scratch the baby's skin
The diaper is thin, feels light as cotton, smooth and soft to help the baby comfortably play, move by the gentle "wear as not wearing".

3. Diaper rash

Many mothers are quite worried when using diapers for babies and babies with diaper rash. There are many reasons for diaper rash in children. Wearing diapers for too long can keep your baby's skin wet, which can also lead to diaper rash. Or because the diaper is too hard, rubbing against the skin and scratching the skin. From that scratch, combined with the wet environment in the diaper, the baby's skin becomes inflamed. Therefore, understanding the causes of diaper rash and how to prevent diaper rash will help mothers to be proactive in preventing the baby. 

You can read the article about 6 ways to prevent diaper rash you must know to better understand.  

4. Skin problems

Usually, many babies are born with birthmarks (slight discoloration) and the condition is not hereditary. You don't have to worry about this birthmark. Because they are completely harmless to the baby and require no treatment.

Some common skin problems in children: allergies, rashes, dermatitis, …

In addition, your baby may experience several common skin problems such as:

  • Eczema is a cluster of red, itchy rashes that may or may not be itchy. It is most commonly found on the baby's face, elbows, arms, or behind the knees or chest. If someone has allergies, asthma, or atopic dermatitis, they may also be at risk for eczema. At that time, the mother went to see the doctor for advice on how to care for the baby's skin.
  • Some babies also tend to develop acne. However, they don't look like teenage puberty acne. If your baby has this condition, you should also see a doctor.
Baby Skin problems

5. Dry skin

If your baby's skin is dry, moms can use a natural moisturizer to keep the skin softer. At the same time, please:

  • Avoid bathing your baby too often. Bathing continuously, too many times can cause the baby's skin to be dry and flaky.
  • Use the best skincare products for babies. Always research and read carefully the ingredients sheet of the product

Tips for general baby skincare

    Form a habit of reading the ingredients sheet every time you buy skincare products for your baby, mom

    A newborn baby's skin is very fragile and his or her immune system is not fully developed. Therefore, mothers should note the following information:

    • Limit exposure to direct sunlight until 6 months of age. Protect baby's skin with long sleeves, pants, and a hat when going out. 
    • Always make sure your baby's clothes are clean and dried. It is best to use specialized laundry products for babies.
    • The baby may develop acne/dermatitis in the armpit, skin folds, diaper neck area. At that time, the mother should remember to wear loose-fitting, sweat-absorbent clothes to keep the surrounding environment cool
    • Chemical detergents, preservatives, foaming agents can cause skin irritation, rashes, dryness, etc. So, please choose baby skincare products that do not have these ingredients. 

    Above are tips on skincare for babies for mothers to refer to. Hopefully, this article will make mothers more confident and avoid skin problems for the baby in the best way. 

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