6 Recipe "Spirit" To Beautify Your Face After Birth

How to beautify the facial skin after giving birth is always a concern by pregnant mothers, because when they are pregnant, many pregnant women are too concerned about their baby but forget to prepare to take care of themselves in post-pregnancy. Especially for the skin, the hormonal changes during pregnancy cause the postpartum mother's skin to become dry, dark, and dull.

Besides, having to constantly worry and lose sleep when caring for the baby will show clearly on the mother's skin by aging phenomena.

Let's learn the following ways to beautify the skin after giving birth to help mothers get pinkish, smooth, flawless skin like when they were a girl.

Facial sauna

Facial sauna for mom

Facial sauna

The steam method is a quite effective way to help mothers restore their skin after giving birth and does not take too long to do. A steam bath will help open pores, remove sebum and flush toxins out.

After a steam bath, nutrients are also more easily absorbed and absorbed into the layers of skin cells. You can combine full-body steam or maybe just face steam. And how to do it is very simple too:

Choose some natural herbs or essential oils.

  • If it's an essential oil, just mix it in when the water is hot. Or boil it if it is an herb for the secretion of nutrients.
  • Then put on a steam towel for 10-15 minutes.
  • Do 1-2 times a week for sure you will see your skin brighter and clearer tone.

Face massage

Face massage for mom

Face massage

Some of the following facial massage exercises are for you to try:

  • Place two index fingers on either side of the corner of the eye. Then pull your hands in both directions out of the corner of the eye. Doing this action several times will help fade and reduce wrinkles.
  • Use your fingers to massage your face in a spiral or circular direction from chin to ear; cheeks; nose wings; from forehead to tail of eyes. Perform several times for blood vessels to circulate.
  • Use two middle fingers to press against the base of the nose. Press these two points lightly and then continue to slowly move slightly upwards close to the eyes. This action helps to relieve stress effectively, and at the same time remove wrinkles on the wings of the nose.
  • In addition, when going out, it is necessary to apply sunscreen to protect the skin against the harmful effects of UV rays.

Skincare with red beans

Skincare with red beans

Skincare with red beans

How to beautify postpartum skin with a skincare mask made from red beans is also very simple: just mix red bean powder with fresh milk without sugar or clean water, cover for 20 minutes to relax, and then Then rinse with warm water.

Red beans have the same effect as rice bran. Mom can make a honey red bean mask; red beans yogurt; Fresh milk red beans… to get the mask that's right for you. Do research carefully to find out what kind of mask your skin is suitable for before mom!

Skincare with breast milk


How to beautify the postpartum skin with breast milk:

  • Squeeze about 3 teaspoons of milk into a small cup.
  • Then use cotton to absorb evenly and apply to the face, combined with gentle massage.
  • Let it dry for about 5 minutes, then apply the lotion evenly to your face. Do this 3 times continuously. Next time, let dry for 15 minutes and rinse face with warm water.
  • You can do this 2-3 times a day to make your skin whiter and smoother.

Beautify the postpartum face with turmeric starch

Beauty skin with turmeric powder

Beauty skin with turmeric powder

In turmeric powder, curcumin is an antioxidant that not only makes skin smooth, but also prevents aging, reduces acne, dark spots, and fades stretch marks very effectively.

Mothers can use turmeric powder masks to apply directly to their face or to be more effective, they can combine turmeric with some other ingredients such as fresh milk, rice bran, honey, eggs …

How to beautify the facial skin after giving birth with avocado

Avocado also helps to make skin smoother

Avocado also helps to make skin smoother

In avocado, there is a rich content of unsaturated fatty acids, which helps the body not lose water and avoids aging skin due to ultraviolet rays. Mom can eat avocado regularly or use avocado as a mask to cover the skin.

Besides the above ways to beautify the facial skin after giving birth. You should also note that you should drink enough water every day in combination with good food. Strengthen vitamins A, C, E to reinforce collagen in the skin to help skin become more beautiful and smoother.

There are many ways to beautify the facial skin after giving birth, but mothers should choose a safe and suitable method. With the development of Medicine and science. There are modern methods that will bring immediate results. But please consider because the safety and health of you and your baby is a top priority.

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