42 Fun Baby Shower Games You'll Actually Want to Play chapter 2

1. Guess the Candy Bar

The “Guess the Candy Bar” baby shower game is renown. Some people love it, some people would rather pass. Either way, it’s probably one of the funniest baby shower games ever conceived.

What you need: Diapers, a variety of mini-chocolate bars, and pen and paper for each guest.

Before the party: Melt different kinds of mini-chocolate bars and pour one kind on each of the diapers.

How you play: Have guests sniff (or even dip a finger to taste) the chocolates and guess which kind is on each diaper. The winner is whoever guesses the most chocolates correctly. Weird? A little bit. But then again, who can resist the power of chocolate?


2. Guess the Baby Food

Who has the most sensitive nose among you? (Our guess is the mom-to-be—pregnancy has a way of heightening your sense of smell.) This fun baby shower game puts people’s sniffers (and food knowledge) to the test.

What you need: Unlabeled jars, pureed baby food and paper and pen for each guest.

Before the party: Fill each of your unlabeled jars with a different kind of baby food (and make sure to keep track!).

How to play: Distribute paper and pens to guests, then ask them to smell each jar of puree and jot down which foods they think are inside. (If you want to make it especially tricky, have them do this blindfolded!)

Real guest say: “My daughter—she’s 7—especially loved this one, because she can understand food! Haha. In fact, she won the game.” —Kimberly D.


3. What’s Mommy Craving?

Pregnancy does more than just amp up women’s sense of smell—it can also spark the funniest food cravings. This game has guests guessing what’s been on Mom’s menu of late.

What you need: Paper and pen for each guest.

Before the party: No prep needed.

How to play: Mom-to-be describes all the strange things she’s been craving, one by one, without actually saying the name of the food. The guests write down what they think each one is. Whoever has the most right wins.


4. The Left Right Game

In this popular baby shower game, it’s not just the mom-to-be who gets presents! It’s fast-paced, exciting and ends in a fun prize for the lucky winner.

What you need: A story that heavily features the words “left” and “right” and a wrapped prize.

Before the party: Either write or download the Left Right story and print it out, then wrap up a prize that’s small and light enough to pass around.

How to play: Have your guests pull their chairs into a circle. Once they’re situated, give a guest the wrapped prize and start reading the story out loud. Every time you read the words “left” or “right” (and the story will have plenty of mentions), guests have to pass the prize either to their left or right. The person holding the prize when the story ends gets to keep it!


5. Emoji Anagrams

Looking for modern baby shower games? It doesn’t get more millennial than this. The baby shower emoji game takes the classic anagrams game and gives it an up-to-date twist, using emojis instead of words.

What you need: A list of emoji anagrams and a pen for each guest.

Before the party: Print out or order lists of emoji anagrams for each guest.

How to play: Instruct guests to try and guess the (baby-related) words or phrases that are written out in emojis, and fill their answers out on the sheet. The person who gets the most correct wins.

Photo: Haleigh Nicole Photography


6. Co-ed Baby Shower Games

Just about all the baby shower games in this article can be enjoyed by everyone—male or female. But if you’re hosting an event for men and women and plan to have both Mom- and Dad-to-be present, these are some of our favorite baby shower games for couples and coeds.


7. The Mommy or Daddy Game

Looking for the best baby shower games for couples? This one might just top the list. Guests take a fun Mom vs. Dad quiz, and then the mom- and dad-to-be weigh in with their responses. You can prep a quiz sheet and have prizes at the ready, or just have people shout out their answers and keep things casual—whatever floats your boat.

What you need: A computer and printer or copy machine, and paper and pen for each guest.

Before the party: Type out a list of 10 to 20 questions that can be answered with “mom” or “dad” (Who’s never changed a diaper before? Who has always gotten at least eight hours of sleep every night?). Print it out and have enough copies for all the guests.

How to play: Hand out the list of questions to each guest. Once everyone has jotted down their answers, invite the mom- and dad-to-be up front, read the questions out loud and have them give their responses. Whichever guest answers the most correctly gets a prize.


8. The Price Is Right Baby Shower Game

Everyone knows that having a baby is expensive, but how much do baby supplies really cost? See which guests are savvy shoppers with this spinoff of The Price is Right. It’s one of the most popular baby shower games around.

What you need: Paper, pens and a computer and printer or copy machine.

Before the party: Write a list of baby items and specific quantities (say, a box of 88 Pampers Swaddlers) on a sheet of paper and make enough copies for all your guests.

9. Blind Diaper Changing Challenge

As the modern saying goes, “real men change diapers”—so put the skills of your coed crew to the test in this fast-paced and funny baby shower diaper game.

What you need: Two life-size baby dolls, two blindfolds and one diaper for each guest, plus two extras.

Before the party: Place a diaper on each doll.

How to play: Have guests separate into teams. Each team gets a doll, blindfold and diapers. The first person in line for each team must put the blindfold on, remove the diaper on the doll and replace it with a new one. After the first team members are done, the next person in line goes, and so on. The first team to finish wins.


10. Watch What You Say

If you’re a big Mad Libs fan, you’re going to love this cheeky coed baby shower game. Get ready for lots of laughs (and maybe even some blushing).

What you need: Paper and pen.

Before the party: No prep needed.

How to play: Write down the exclamations the mother-to-be says when opening her presents. (“Oh how cute!” “Look how tiny!”) Once she’s done, hold up the sheet of paper and announce: “This is what she said the night the baby was conceived.” Then have her read it aloud for all the guests to hear. It’s an especially fun baby shower game if the dad-to-be is present!


11. Baby Bump Balloon Pop

This game gives new meaning to the phrase “she’s about to pop.” Especially entertaining with a coed group, this is a team-based baby shower game that gets everyone up and moving.

Before the party: No prep needed.

How to play: Nothing feels more festive than baby shower games with balloons—especially when you’re making lots of noise. For this one, separate guests into teams and give each a balloon. When the host says “go!” the first person from each team must blow up their balloon and stick it under their shirt. Once they’re done, the second person on each team does the same, then the third, and so on. Once all team members have balloons under their shirts, the first person must pop their balloon, then the second, and third, etc. The team who blows up and pops their balloons the fastest wins.


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