40 Fun Baby Shower Games You'll Actually Want to Play chapter 3

1. Do You Know Your Disney Babies?

Whether you’re hosting a Disney-themed baby shower or you know the parents-to-be are just big Disney fans, this fun baby shower game will have guests rushing to recall their Disney trivia.

What you need: Paper, pens and a computer and printer or copy machine.

Before the party: On the left side of a piece of paper, make a list of the names of Disney mom characters (Sarabi, Kala, Perdita, Elastagirl) and leave the right side blank. Make enough copies for all your guests.

How to play: Ask your guests to write the correct kid’s name next to each mom (for example, Simba next to Sarabi). Whoever gets the most correct wins.


2. One-of-a-Kind Baby Shower Onesies

This creative group baby shower activity is bound to yield some unique results.

What you need: Plain onesies (and other articles of clothing, if you wish) in various colors, tacks, thick cardboard sheets, fabric markers, stencils and iron-on letters and graphics. (A lot of people swear by the Cricut machine to create vinyl and iron-on cutouts.)

Before the party: Tack each onesie to a piece of cardboard for support and prepare any iron-on and fabric fusion options you’re planning to offer guests.

How to play: Make the onesies (with attached cardboard) and decorating items available during the shower for everyone to use. This way, baby has a set of unique clothes, and mama will always remember the day.


3. Rubber Ducky Raffle

If you’re on the hunt for baby shower games ideas that are fun but don’t force guests to get overly interactive, we’ve got a good one for you. It’s cute, it’s quick and involves a whole bunch of prizes.

What you need: Ten or so rubber duckies (or however many prizes you want to give out) and an equal number of prizes, plus a roll of raffle tickets (you can make them or buy a roll online) and a large tub.

Before the party: Write the numbers of 10 raffle tickets on the underside of the rubber duckies. Right before the party, fill the tub with water and set the ducks afloat.

How to play: As guests arrive, give each one a raffle ticket. Throughout the baby shower, select a rubber ducky from the tub and read off the winning number, and invite the guest with the corresponding ticket to come collect their prize.


4. Easy Baby Shower Games

As these easy baby shower games prove, you don’t have to spend a lot of time or money to have loads of fun.

Don’t Say Baby!

Also known as the Clothes Pin Baby Shower Game, this game turns a well-used baby shower word taboo: Baby!

What you need: Clothespins for every guest.

Before the party: No prep needed.

How to play: As each guest arrives, have them clip the clothespin onto what they’re wearing. Whenever a guest is talking to someone who says “baby,” they take that person’s pin and puts it on themselves. Whoever has the most pins at the end of the party wins. (An alternative is to use pacifiers on a long string instead of clothespins.)

5. Name That Baby Tune

This is an upbeat and super-easy baby shower game that calls for zero prep!


What you need: A playlist of baby songs and pen and paper. (Spotify, anyone?)

Before the party: No prep needed.

How to play: Play one children’s song at a time and keep track of who can accurately guess each song name the fastest. Whoever has the most correct responses wins.

6. The Animal Gestation Game

If you’re hosting a baby shower that’s all about animals, you’ll need some jungle-themed baby shower games. This pick, which tests guests’ knowledge of the animal kingdom, is super-cute!

What you need: Paper, pens or pencils.

Before the party: List a slew of animals down the left side of a sheet of paper and the average number of days that they’re pregnant on the right side, but not in the same order. (You can also print a ready-made one out.) Make a copy for each guest.

How to play: Ask guests to pair each animal with a length of gestation. Whoever matches the most correctly wins.


7. The Nursery Rhyme Quiz

The baby shower nursery rhyme game is a super-popular pick these days. Who doesn’t love a good dose of nostalgia?

What you need: Paper, pens and a computer and printer or copy machine.

Before the party: Type out a list of nursery rhyme snippets, leaving out key words and phrases, and make enough copies for all your guests.

How to play: Ask your guests to fill in the blanks. The person who completes the most correctly wins.

The one thing new moms use the most? Diapers! This easy baby shower game lets guests go home with prizes in hand and the mom-to-be feel like she’s well-stocked.

What you need: Raffle tickets, a box or pail and a prize.

Before the party: When you send out the shower invitations, explain that anyone who brings a box of diapers to the shower can enter the raffle to win a prize.

How to play: As guests arrive, issue raffle tickets to those who brought diapers. Midway through the shower, pull a ticket (or two) and award that ticket holder a prize. Don’t forget to gather the diapers for the mom-to-be before she leaves (she’ll need all of them!).


8. How Many Baby Items Can You Name?

Babies need a lot of stuff. This easy baby shower game (read: no prep) asks guests to think of as many babies as they can off the top of their head before the timer buzzes.

What you need: Paper and pen for each guest and a timer.

Before the party: No prep needed.

How to play: Each guest must write down as many baby items (bottle, pacifier, blanket, etc.) as they can think of in one minute. The person who comes up with the most items wins.


9. Baby Shower Games for Men

These days, baby showers aren’t just for women. Sometimes called “manshowers” or “Dad-chelor parties,” these celebratory events honor the dad- (or dads-) to-be and the coming baby—and yes, they often involve fun games and activities. The following are some of our favorite baby shower games for men.

Daddy Knows Best

This is a perfect baby shower game for men, since it puts all the attention on the dad-to-be and tests just how well his friends know him.

What you need: A smartphone and a computer (or a TV screen that hooks up to your computer).

  • How many diapers do you think your baby will go through in the first year?
  • Will you or your partner more likely be the parent who says “no”?
  • What year do you think you’ll buy your first minivan?
  • What are you most looking forward to about being a dad?

How to play: At the baby shower, gather everyone around and play the video of the dad-to-be so all can see, but pause after each question so guests can guess the answer. “Talk about entertaining baby shower games! We all got some great laughs out of this one. And the video makes a great memento for the couple to watch years down the road,” Jarrett says.


10. The Baby Name Game

One of the common fights among expectant couples is about what to name baby. Have your guests help brainstorm some options with this funny baby shower game.

What you need: Paper and pen for each guest and a timer.

Before the party: No prep needed.

How to play: Have each guest write any baby names they can think of in the allotted time. To make the game more difficult, you can also choose a particular letter the names should begin with. The person who comes up with the most names wins.


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